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Sell Impraboard

Specification of Impraboard

PP hollow sheet feature:
1. Product name:PP hollow sheet, PP corrugated sheet
2. Material: HDPP(100% new high density polypropylene raw materials)
3.Technology: HDPP material(raw material +desiccant+ color masterbatch)→blender→extruding machine(Raw material melt pluralization)→mould(Forming extrusion)→Finalize the design→The first traction→Oven→cooler→The second traction→Shears→Stacked platform.
4. Structure:
- Top and bottom plane board,
- thickness: 0.2 ~ 0.5 MM;
- The middle vertical stripes,
- each small lattice spacing: 3.8 MM
5. Maximum width:2300mm
6. Max length: According to customer's request


7. Thickness and weight:

Thickness    1.8mm    2mm    3mm    4mm    5mm    6mm    7mm    8mm    9mm    10mm    11mm    12mm
weight    350g    400g    450g    650g    850g    1000g    1400g    1800g    2000g    2400g    2600g    2800g
The weight of PP hollow sheet can according customer’s requirement.

8. Color:Blue; Yellow; Red;White;Black;transparent;green or customized

9. Inspection equipment:

- Alcohol lamp, gauge, anti-statictester,
- ECT/FCT has grown strength tester ,
- tensile tester.
- Hollow board special fixture fusion peel strength.
- Special fixture material 3 point bending
- High precision analytical balance
- The melt index tester


10. Technical parameters:

Tensile strength    1.16mpa
Pull test    6.4N/cm2
ECT    2701.7N/m
Melting index    3.314g/10min 260℃
Molding temp    180-220℃
Density    0.889g/cm3(5mm: 900gsm)

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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