Besi Plat 1800 mm dan 1500 mm

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Not only in construction, for other industries plate iron is also needed because of its very high level of resistance and strength. Currently there are many types of plates that you need to know so that if you intend to use them, don't choose the wrong choice again. There are several types of iron plates that are currently commonly used in construction or others. Of course, each iron plate has a different quality because it is adjusted to its function and function. Black Plate (Base Plate)

Black plate has dimensions about the size of a plywood, namely 122 × 124 cm or 4 × 8 feet with a thickness ranging from 1.2 mm to 200 mm. In general, in profile steel structures, this type of iron plate is widely used as reinforcement and is applied for mounting profile materials, raw materials for making tanks, and others.


2. Ship plate

Ship plates are generally used in a variety of shipbuilding and construction materials as well as fabrication, tank manufacturing and others. Ship plates are characterized by their relatively long and wide dimensions.


The length of this plate is 6,000 mm which has two widths, namely 1,800 mm and 1,500 mm. Compared to other products, this type of ship plate has more resistance, especially corrosion resistance.


3. Flower plate

The next type of iron plate is the flower plate which is known to have a textured surface. Another name for this plate is the floor plate or diamond plate. The standard size plate is 1.2 meters x 2.4 meters with varying thicknesses.


Flower plates are widely applied to floor elements or stairs in buildings, floor elements in transportation facilities such as buses, public transportation, fire trucks, and trains. This type of iron plate has a rough texture to anticipate slippery so as to minimize the incidence of slips.

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